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18 Mai 2009 da Modepass
My name is Julie. A native of Antibes, I am final year student at the Atelier Chardon Savard (Paris).

« Memory of water Memory of Man » is the collection that I present for graduation. This theme is very important to me because it synthesizes a work of three years, a piece of life, a personal route that allowed me to realize a childhood dream. The sea, where are my roots, and his "Men who cherish free" are my inspiration. In this collection I am out of clothes closets marine ancestors as a vehicle for transmission of a memory, a memory of a being or a period which was nostalgia. Those sweet memories tinged clothing colors of the sea And the weight of the past, that we like to mention, is reflected by the density of natural hues used by me and aged in sea water and sand (Antibes and Toulon). Hence my sentence is that of the collection "From the sea I come face to it I find myself."

As far as I can remember, I was always fascinated by clothes, their power to transform, to transcend a silhouette, to travel, to bring comfort and dreams ... Little, I used to imagine me as a designer. I made the wardrobe of my dolls, and then organized some parades with my own outfits.

Even in Law studies and in « Science Po’ », my little happiness poses was about textiles and sketches. But after the license and some time, helped in my thinking by myself, I decided to leave that old dream for living. Three years later, I do not regret this 180 degrees turn. I am happy and proud of this record. Initially, nothing was obvious. Quit the dream for reality requires effort, time and learns to live. Even if during the training is learning and relearning, in the end, everything has to be taken. Beyond words, my world is expressed through my collection and that is what i want to share with you.

I would find it difficult to designate a single piece of my collection as my favorite because I have a history with each of them. Nevertheless I had to choose whether there would be two: the jacket with the collar which falls into a relaxed drape and the XXL pants worn with suspenders. The first one because it is the oldest, my first favorite « coup de cœur ». As for the pants, I'm simply crazy about it ! Its non-standard shape, the drape in the back ... It gives me a smile every time I see him as focused when it reminds me that, when i was little, I wore my grandfather’s jeans, they were too big for me but I loved them !

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