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A moment with Naco Paris
23 Jui 2009 da Mlle Quincampoix

For the fair Under le Louvre in Paris, i was glad to meet Naco Paris to ask him some questions and discover his world.


Naco starts to learn traditional fashion as a tailor at 14. Then he was studying styling and go to a french fine art school. He early knew that he would be independant and autonomous.


He did not want to learn by high fashion designer.

In 2001, he created his brand : Naco Paris.

It was first a brand for women an it became unisex after.

He qualifies it as simple, minimalism and rock : a mix between Gap and a luxury brand !

It’s a criticism of Fashion industry.





He is inspired by every day life, some german eighty’s music, a conversation, a gesture, bad taste in clothes, current events in luxury fashion, forgery…

The message is more important to him than clothe : he could have been a painter, a designer…but he loves tailoring.


He’s really glad about his last piece : a bag which it’s printed :   
« Karl who ? ».

Because Karl Lagerfeld bought it and take a picture of himself  with it !
Naco’s customers are really differents : Karl Lagerfeld, Björk, some fashion editors…

They are between 25 and 75 years old, 60% women and 40% men.
Naco doesn’t care about it : he doesn’t create according to customers.
His creations are really copied  by forgery and he likes it !

Naco Paris, it’s a critic, coloured and funny brand !


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