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Melvina (da 1092 giorni)
Love your style! I'm a french jewel designer, if you want to take a look at my collection ;) http://www.cheriecream.fr/
lallou (da 1248 giorni)
bonjour, je t'invite le MARDI 23 NOVEMBRE, à notre Soirée : cocktail, dégustation, battle de looks, ventre Privée au DELICATESSEN GALERIE (Paris 11). Viens retrouver l'invitation sur notre page ou sur facebook !! A très bientôt !
mademoisellecla (da 1396 giorni)
Have a look on my new jewels collection at http://www.mademoisellecla.com ... See you there!
EliseCherry (da 1399 giorni)
You are such a great inspiration, I think! I add you if you don't mind. (:
Gossipgirldu34 (da 1497 giorni)
J'adore tes photos. xoxo
cheyenne000 (da 1572 giorni)
tes photos sont superbes!
littlesilverjewel (da 1656 giorni)
Hello, my name is Morgane Theunis I am french student in creation jewel and for my exam I would like to create a collection of jewel on the subject " sublime exuberance ". And for it I need in the opinion of big fan of fashion to stick on closer of the request. In exchange I make a commitment if to wish it to you to make jewels of your creation, if you answer a small questionnaire. And speak about it around you, more I have of answer better it is. Thank you for advances. To join me or on facebook or by e-mail: choux_fleurs@hotmail.fr
welovecolors (da 1669 giorni)
I love your makeup!
pollyfarthing (da 1738 giorni)
Wow you are incredible looking!
seaofclothes (da 1744 giorni)
pretty pretty vintage look! so nice pcs and style!! i kiss you